Holistic Self-Care

Noi Pawirat

I help busy mums be healthy and happy without leaving their homes with my holistic self-care programs through yoga, ayurveda, and mindfulness.
Private session
You want to achieve your health & wellness goal; You go in circles thinking and trying different solutions, but you don't get the last long results you want. Relax! I'm here to guide you to achieve your goal, so that you feel fresh and energised for your family and live the life you desire. Book a free Body Mind diagnosis assessment.
Hi! My name is Noi Pawirat Shiffner
I am the self-care Goddess, a mother of two young children, & solopreneur
Are you a busy woman? Your hands are full of work, and so many family demands make you have less time for yourself. You want to get back your power and create joy for your soul, but you are exhausted! Your energy is crashing down, and you are burning out. Well, I was there, and I’m here to guide you to get back your joy & power through a holistic self-care, Yoga, Ayurveda & Mindfulness. That is fun and practical around your busy lifestyle.

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