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Hi, I’m Noi Pawirat Shiffner. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneur mums reduce stress, get back feminine power to flourishing in life & business without feeling guilty.

 I knew how a business mum is with hands full of works, and so many demands from family consume so much of your energy and time. You are exhausted, making time to prepare healthy food for yourself, exercise, or just escape to rest yourself in a spa isn’t easy. So, I’m here to guide you through a holistic self-care framework that is short, fun, and practical around your busy lifestyle.

More about Me

When I was young, I strongly believe that I have a great power to help others and make the world a better place, so I worked hard for it. A few years after having kids, full hands of work and so much family demand made me have less time for self-care. The harder I worked, the more I felt exhausted and overwhelmed, my stressed level high up, my energy was crashing down, and I was burning out.

I reached the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore. My childhood story popped into my head. My parents worked hard to support the family. I didn’t see them much, but in the end, they fought and separated. They left me with puzzled eyes and trauma. I was terrified and shaking when I look at my children. I took a deep breath and looked at myself in a mirror; my hair was messy, my face looked so dull, my eyes were so tired, and I was still in my pajamas! I needed to change what I was saying to myself that day. I study more about yoga and holistic self-healing, and I throw the perfect mother hat away. I learned to live more mindful and make time for self-care.

Through the holistic movement and self-healing processes, I feel alive, confident in my body, and reconnected with my family on a much deeper level. I’ve got back my power and having fun and joy to live my life with purpose.

Bio : Noi Pawirat Shiffner


  • Noi Pawirat began practicing yoga in 2006 when she lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
  • She had her first child in 2009. She was suffering from stress and depression so she began to take yoga more seriously to heal herself. 
  • She took her first Yoga Teacher Training course with Birthlight in Singapore and started teaching in the year 2010. 
  • In 2012, she moved with her family to live in India.  Whilst there she took a Yoga Teacher Training course from a holistic place in Rishikesh, India. 
  • Mindfulness is always with her as she is from Thailand where she learned traditional Mindfulness and Vipassana practices since she was a child.  She uses it to bounce her life back whenever she is facing a challenging time in life.  This helps to boost her power to feel alive and live everyday with joy and ease. 


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