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Noi Pawirat is a founder of Women’s SelfCare with Yoga & Mindfulness. She’s been teaching Yoga & Mindfulness for more than a decade to support women with Pre & Post-natal yoga, Mum & baby yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, and Meditation.

She encourages women to take self-care in action on and off the mat for enhancing their physical, mental and emotional. So, they can go through day-to-day life challenging with more ease and create joy in everyday life.

More about me

Noi Pawirat is from Thailand but living abroad with her family. They have lived in several countries in the last decade.  Dealing with new and constantly changing environments can be stressful and it becomes difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle. 

She used to eat whatever she could find, sleep late at night and drink too much alcohol. She thought that it could help to relax her mind and release the stress of daily living. 

She gained a lot of weight during her first pregnancy and wanted to get back to her normal size.  She forced herself to do extreme exercise and dieting which only made her stressed and depressed.  She felt weak, she got an unknown allergy which made her feel itchy all over her body and couldn’t stop herself from constantly scratching her skin.  She woke up with blocked sinuses and sneezing every morning.

She wanted to feel alive, have more energy to deal with life’s everyday challenges and live a joyful life.  She started to practice yoga regularly and applied Mindfulness into her lifestyle. 

Both yoga and Mindfulness taught her how to take self-care in action with discipline and compassion.  She gently changed her way of living and as a result hasn’t experienced allergies for years, She breathes better, and her sinuses are no longer blocked. She heals faster when she is sick and feels more energetic, healthier, stronger, and happier in everyday life.

  • Noi Pawirat began practicing yoga in 2006 when she lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
  • She had her first child in 2009. She was suffering from stress and depression so she began to take yoga more seriously to heal herself.  
  • She took her first Yoga Teacher Training course with Birthlight in Singapore and started teaching in the year 2010. 
  • In 2012, she moved with her family to live in India.  Whilst there she took a Yoga Teacher Training course from a holistic place in Rishikesh, India. 
  • Mindfulness is always with her as she is from Thailand where she learned traditional Mindfulness and Vipassana practices since she was a child.  She uses it to bounce her life back whenever she is facing a challenging time in life.  This helps to boost her power to feel alive and live everyday with joy and ease. 


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