I’m Noi Pawirat Shiffner

Founder of Bliss Body Now, mother of two children, & solopreneur

I help busy mothers become the best version of themselves so they live their best lives and be role models for their children by unlocking their true potential through a holistic self-care approach, yoga, ayurveda, and mindfulness.


With Bliss Body Now, we help busy mothers to become the best version of themselves by taking self-care into action, nourishing their body, mind and soul through a holistic approach, yoga, ayurveda, and mindfulness.


Bliss Body Now aims to support busy mothers to live their best life and be role models for their children.


With Bliss Body Now, we value integrity, simplicity, accountability, humanity, and accomplishment.

a Busy Mother Story…

I know how you feel; being a mother, raising children, caring for the family, managing the household, and trying to follow your dream simultaneously is not easy. Trying to do it all at once seems to overload you, and you don’t have much time.

You are struggling with lacking energy, being emotionally overwhelmed, stress and burnout.

I had been there myself, but nourishing my Bliss Body by taking self-care into action with a holistic approach has helped enhance my energy and live everyday life with purpose.

Bliss Body Now Story…

In yoga kosha, the Bliss Body is the level of pure consciousness, which allows us to experience joy, peace, pure love and happiness. In this state, you can transcend the limitations of the illusion to unlock your true potential, become the best version of yourself, and live your best life.

Connecting with this level means all levels of who you are must be well nourished. So, I’m here to create self-care programs to help you sustain all levels of yourself and connect to your blissful body.

With Bliss Body Now, we offer unique self-care programs that are quick, simple, and effective ways to help busy moms unlock their true potential so they become the best version of themselves to live their best life and be a role models for their children through a holistic approach that combines yoga, ayurveda, and mindfulness.

A perfect solution for a busy mum like you to nourish your body, mind, and soul without leaving home while saving time and money…

My Story…

Hi my name is Noi Pawirat Shiffner. I’m originally from Thailand. Pawirat is my official name, and Noi is my nickname. Noi means little in Thai, given by my grandma as I was so small when I was born.

I grew up in a small village in North-East Thailand, where we lived so close to nature but with inferior education back then, so I moved to Bangkok, graduated and worked in cooperation there for some years.

For many years, I worked in cooperates and changed to different jobs, but I still didn’t feel fulfilled until I met my husband. He asked me to move to another country and encouraged me to explore the world. That was the beginning of the life-changing for me.

We started a family in Malaysia, moved to India, and recently lived in Dubai.
From a village girl to many countries, I met different people and cultures, struggling and uncertain became my friends. It wasn’t easy, but self-care has helped me find my bliss, peace and happiness.

After having kids, I tried to be a perfect mother to raise happy children and make home a happy place. I worked hard to take care of everything and everyone. I felt guilty about taking time off or letting anyone down. A handful of work and family commitments made me feel exhausted, my stress level was high, my energy was crashing down, and I was burning out.

I felt my life was a mess!! I was angry and sorry for myself.
I reached the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore as I felt my mental and emotional issues begin to interrupt my life and the time I had with my family. I need to change what I was saying to myself one day. I studied more about holistic health and well-being through yoga, ayurveda, and mindfulness. I learned to live more mindful and made time for self-care.

Through nourishing myself daily, I feel alive and at peace with myself and life challenges. Most importantly, I have more energy to reconnect with my family on a deeper level. I have got back my power to live everyday life with my purpose.

Still Being Humble and willing to learn more. 

  • Baby Yoga Level 1 Diploma, Birthlight, UK
  • Baby Yoga Level 2 Diploma, Birthlight, UK
  • Smart Toddler Level 1 Diploma, Birthlight, UK
  • Perinatal Yoga Level 1 & 2 Certificate, Birthlight, UK
  • 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training & Ayurveda, Shiva Tattva Yoga School, Rishikesh, India
  • 50-Hours Meditation Training, Trident, Dubai
  • Yoga Shred® Certification Training, Sadie Nardini
  • Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Certificate, Yoga Shred™
  • Mindfulness Practitioner Certificate, The Academy of Modern applied psychology 

Wherever you are, in your awareness, you are here.
Whatever time zone you are in, in your awareness, you are now.

My Physical body lived in Dubai with my family and friends. We travel quite often. We are usually in Thailand during the summertime and in England during Christmas.

Therefore, if you wish to become the best version of yourself, live your best life and be a role model for your children, you can find the rank of my self-care programs through the Classes & Courses section, which available both online and in-person.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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