Yoga & Mindfulness online private session

Whether you have tried yoga before or not, some people hesitate in starting yoga because of feeling overwhelmed with many flexible, bendy, and super strong yogis that are on social media. You may be worried about joining a public yoga class with others, or you don’t know how to start the practice by yourself. 


You want something to provide relief from your daily stress and to supercharge your energy so you are confident and feel alive to live your life with purpose.

Well, You don’t need a yogi’s body to do that and I can help you! 

You don’t need a yogi’s body to supercharges your energy!!! 

 I can help you with simple, cheerful, and effective yoga & mindfulness practices that are suited for you.. 

It’s a private One on One yoga & mindfulness session that you can do at your convenience and in your own home.  You can help decide the time that works best for both of us. 


  • We meet on Zoom for 1 hour/session
  • In every session, I’ll guide you through all practices and help you to create a routine that is unique for you. 
  • A handout tips and tools, and simple VDO after each session for you to easily continue to practice at home with confidence so you can supercharge your energy in everyday life.
  • I’ll support you through the journey with a proper plan that you can apply into your busy schedule with ease. 

$ 425/ 5 Private sessions + 1 Discovery call. 

$ 749/10 Private sessions + 1 Discovery call. 


Only $47 

Mindful Immunity Boosting is a 4 weeks self-learning course. Once bought, you can keep it for a lifetime

  • 4 sessions of Mindfulness meditation, one for each week with simple practices to apply into your daily life to enhance your mind & boost your immune system
  • 4 breathing exercises, one for each week.  They are simple for you to rebalance your energy and boost your immune system.
  • 4 Yoga sessions, one for each week to rejuvenate your entire body, and each are only 20 minutes long which saves you time from a busy schedule.
  • A copy of an Ebook which you can download to track your journey in boosting your immune system.
  • You can start the course right away, and I’ll support you to take action through the journey.

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